Episode 80: Apples

As American as apple pie. Johnny Appleseed. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You get the idea. What could be as pure and wholesome as the good, old fashioned apple? Nothing. That’s what. Apples are so wonderful, in fact, that we manage to pack almost an entire 4 minute episode chock full of appley goodness. Enjoy.

Tonight’s menu: the number 80 – tortas de milanesa.

Episode 38: Occupy Wall Street

I only have three things to say about the Occupy Wall Street movement:

  1. The Occupy movement would benefit from some specific, tangible goals as it currently seems to be a rallying cry for general dissatisfaction.
  2. Campaign finance reform is an important issue that should be getting more attention.
  3. I’m glad somebody is finally sticking it to those bastards at the Target store in Culver City.
Tonight’s menu: the number 38 – tortas de carnitas.