Episode 83: Hot Fries

My junior high lunchtime experience consisted of playing a card game called “tunk” for money, gambling with Now and Laters by seeing who could throw them closest to a wall in the courtyard, and eating nothing but Jolly Rancher Stix and Hot Fries. Not hot fries like Cinco’s asada fries. These Hot Fries.

It was a pretty dark time.

Tonight’s menu: the number 83 – asada fries.

Episode 32: Hurting My Feelings

Believe it or not, this was actually a monumental menu item for us. You see the menu just reads “32. ONION RING”. For months we’ve been asking ourselves,”Could it really be just one big gigantic onion ring?” Well sadly it was a bag of many rings, but it was definitely not sad for my taste buds. Yes, I gave it a 5. I know, Cinco de Mayo actually did something right again. They make great onions rings. Then again, how hard is it to screw that up?

Btw, those aren’t repeated cuts. Dave really has a really hard time eating onion rings.

Tonight’s menu: the number 32 – onion ring.