Episode 88: The Finale

We finally did it! Actually, we did it over a year ago and have been sitting on the finished product for four months now. It may be a little on the nose, but Cinco de Mayo seems like a pretty appropriate day to wrap it all up.

This project was a lot of things for us. It started out as a random “we should…” that for some reason we actually did. Sometimes it was a party, and sometimes it was a chore. Some of the food was really good and some was practically inedible. We brought friends along; we made new friends. We laughed a lot and ate a lot and fought a little and almost quit, and then magically, miraculously, we finished it one night in a room full of people who love us while being serenaded by a mariachi band.

88 Nights never blew up into a viral hit. Either we weren’t the video food blog the world needed, or maybe we weren’t the one it deserved, but a few people, mostly family and friends, watched. For that we say thanks. Thanks for watching the “video journal of our friendship” as Dave cornily (but accurately) put it.

We don’t see each other quite as often as we did when we were eating together a few times a week, but we haven’t quite lost touch yet. For now, we all still live in LA and Orange County. Someday I’m sure one or all of us will move on, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of our lives. Then what about us? Fortunately, as long as the internet is up and running, we’ll always have Cinco. Here’s looking at you, kids.

Tonight’s menu: the number 88 – mexican nachos.

Episode 59: Questions With Stefanie

French fries. That’s all. Just fries.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes the fries are good here, and sometimes they’re not quite as good. Some nights you get crinkle fries, sometimes fatter fries, sometimes traditional fries.  Cinco de Mayo is not big on tradition or keeping anything the same. And these fries are… OK. Much better with something else than just a big plate of them, for sure.

You might also notice our first female guest, Stefanie. We peppered her (no pun intended, although pepper in ketchup is GREAT with fries) with a bunch of questions because it was so different to have a female guest eating with us, and she was up for it. Makes for some good conversation, and she’s definitely more pleasant to look at than the four of us. So overall it’s a win/win.

Tonight’s menu: the number 59 – french fries.