Episode 84: Magical Quesadilla

This video explains itself pretty well: we had four friends visiting us, so we decided to film their Cinco de Mayo experience. Simple.

Because the camera was set up on a tripod, and we were all sitting at a different table eating our own magical quesadillas, we didn’t know what they were talking about until now. In fact, Dave is probably the only one who really knows since he actually watches all the footage in order to create each episode. I can only assume the parts where they talk about how much work this project is despite our making it look effortless ended up somewhere on the cutting room floor.

Tonight’s menu: the number 84 – quesadilla.

Episode 3: Making Dreams Come True

Night 3. Kind of getting in the swing of things.

We noticed everyone was wearing a band t-shirt tonight (T. Rex – Devin, Soundgarden – Todd, the Rentals – Chaz) except for Dave, cause he was “Independent”, just like his t-shirt.  We all seem to like music a lot. It still sort of fascinates me when I meet people who just don’t care about music or listen to whatever is on the radio. Not that they’re inferior or anything, but man, I think I’ll still be listening to music and looking for new stuff when I’m 80 years old.

As for the dreams coming true, would any of you viewers be interested in a contest where you could win a free Cinco de Mayo meal? Drop some comments and let us know and maybe we’ll work up some sort of contest. The only catch is that you would have to eat it with the 4 cincodemayo guys late at night and hang with us the whole meal. But still… free food!!*

Tonight’s menu: the number 3 – enchilada, chile relleno, rice, beans & salad.

*This is just another one of Devin’s many hypothetical questions and is merely exploratory. It neither constitutes the announcement of a contest, real or implied, nor the promise of free food. But let it never be said that Devin Colvin is not a dreamer.