Episode 84: Magical Quesadilla

This video explains itself pretty well: we had four friends visiting us, so we decided to film their Cinco de Mayo experience. Simple.

Because the camera was set up on a tripod, and we were all sitting at a different table eating our own magical quesadillas, we didn’t know what they were talking about until now. In fact, Dave is probably the only one who really knows since he actually watches all the footage in order to create each episode. I can only assume the parts where they talk about how much work this project is despite our making it look effortless ended up somewhere on the cutting room floor.

Tonight’s menu: the number 84 – quesadilla.

Episode 28: Devin Hates Science

She blinded me with science. — Thomas Dolby

First of all, the California burrito IS delicious. Chicken is definitely Cinco’s strength. And this is chicken, sour cream, french fries, salsa, and some other deliciousness. It’s one of those perfect 2 a.m. foods when you’re driving home and need SOMETHING to eat before you can get to sleep. Quite delicious!

Second, I don’t believe in Science. Science isn’t even real. HELLO, why do you think they call it Science FICTION?? Also, why do you think they call it RIGHT brain thinking? (See what I did there?)

I had a girlfriend who refused to believe in light waves and radio waves when she was taking physical science and no matter how much we talked about the behavior of waves, etc., she just wouldn’t buy it. Looking back, I guess I just took her thought pattern and expanded it. Sure, light may exist in waves (or maybe particles?), time travel might be possible, and there may be giant asteroids getting ready to smash into the earth and end human existence. But then again… maybe not?

Tonight’s menu: the number 28 – California burrito.