Episode 70: El Toddo’s

Todd “hates” the food at Cinco de Mayo. We know because he tells us in almost every episode. Todd is also a super picky eater as Dave chronicled for us way way back. Have you ever wondered, then, what a restaurant run by Todd would be like? Well, wonder no further. Watch as Todd reveals not only the entire menu at El Toddo’s but also his super secret marketing plans. “Come to El Toddo’s” with us now.

Tonight’s menu: the number 70 – grill ham & cheese.

Episode 46: A 200-lb Face

Tonight’s meal was free! Thanks, Todd, for saying something to Maria. She passed it on to Jesus (the manager) and got the ok to hook it up. The steak sandwich ended up being a good freebie since it’s one of the more expensive items at about $8.50.

Now, Devin does have what we in the scientific community call a “chipmunk face.” It’s ok though; that’s where he stores all his energy for the winter. And though we’ve had a mild winter in LA so far, I’m sure he’ll need all the energy he can muster to finish this project.

Also, a lot of people have asked me if any of us is putting on weight during this project since we eat at Cinco De Mayo all the time. We actually are not. We’re just eating dinner a couple of hours later 2-3 times a week. Like Devin said in the video, people who eat at Cinco De Mayo a lot are probably not going to be extremely overweight. We’re living proof.

Tonight’s menu: the number 46 – steak sandwich.