Episode 81: The Flute

Devin hates the flute. Devin HATES the flute. And flautists, or flutists, if you prefer. Here is a partial list of things that have been ruined for Devin by the flute:

  • Anchorman
  • Burger King
  • Jethro Tull
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • his future children’s musical endeavors
  • attractive women who have the misfortune of having learned the flute

So tell us, friends. What do you hate to the point of denying yourself the otherwise good things in life?

Tonight’s menu: the number 81 – milanesa.

Episode 2: Statue Penis

We ate the number 2 tonight. 2 enchiladas. 2 much fun. HAHA!

It’s early on, but we think the enchiladas might give the chicken torta (not on the 88 item menu) a run for the best item at Cinco. Mix all that rice and beans in with the enchilada sauce, and you’ve got a great tasting meal.

It’s funny how a conversation evolves and can turn strange so quickly. Granted, if we talk about something long enough Todd will work penises into the conversation. Tonight was no different. Our discussion began with something harmless, i.e., Devin’s love for Ludo’s fried chicken, and then moved to photos, to naked photos, to penises, and (naturally) to statue penises. Finally, it moved to Devin dreaming of statue penises. Keep the dream alive, Devin!

Tonight’s menu: the number 2 – two enchiladas, rice, beans & salad.