Episode 70: El Toddo’s

Todd “hates” the food at Cinco de Mayo. We know because he tells us in almost every episode. Todd is also a super picky eater as Dave chronicled for us way way back. Have you ever wondered, then, what a restaurant run by Todd would be like? Well, wonder no further. Watch as Todd reveals not only the entire menu at El Toddo’s but also his super secret marketing plans. “Come to El Toddo’s” with us now.

Tonight’s menu: the number 70 – grill ham & cheese.

Episode 57: A Cold Wind

This night was probably doomed from the start.

We started bickering about some dumb question about how many people use ATMs before we even got to Cinco. Then, the restaurant was packed, and we had to sit outside in the freezing wind while all the “fun” people were inside. And when we got our food, it turned out to be a weird sandwich. Any one of those things by itself would have been fairly minor, but when they all combined it was just more than our little crew could handle.

Tonight’s menu: the number 57 – ham & egg sandwich.