Episode 84: Magical Quesadilla

This video explains itself pretty well: we had four friends visiting us, so we decided to film their Cinco de Mayo experience. Simple.

Because the camera was set up on a tripod, and we were all sitting at a different table eating our own magical quesadillas, we didn’t know what they were talking about until now. In fact, Dave is probably the only one who really knows since he actually watches all the footage in order to create each episode. I can only assume the parts where they talk about how much work this project is despite our making it look effortless ended up somewhere on the cutting room floor.

Tonight’s menu: the number 84 – quesadilla.

Episode 74: The Coffin

A few years ago, we built a half pipe in the backyard of the house Devin and I were renting with our friend Brett just down the road from Cinco de Mayo. Our friend and talented furniture maker Jared helped us build it, and it was glorious. We called it the Ramp of the Lord.

Somehow our landlady found out about it and threatened to evict us if we didn’t get rid of it. The demolition work was so hard that some of the day laborers we had hired to help us quit. We filled up several dumpsters with the scraps. To this day we all get a little misty eyed when we talk about it, but maybe it was for the best. Had the Ramp of the Lord been allowed to stand, I have no doubt that Todd would have killed himself there trying to do the coffin.

Tonight’s menu: the number 74 – taco carne asada.

Episode 59: Questions With Stefanie

French fries. That’s all. Just fries.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes the fries are good here, and sometimes they’re not quite as good. Some nights you get crinkle fries, sometimes fatter fries, sometimes traditional fries.  Cinco de Mayo is not big on tradition or keeping anything the same. And these fries are… OK. Much better with something else than just a big plate of them, for sure.

You might also notice our first female guest, Stefanie. We peppered her (no pun intended, although pepper in ketchup is GREAT with fries) with a bunch of questions because it was so different to have a female guest eating with us, and she was up for it. Makes for some good conversation, and she’s definitely more pleasant to look at than the four of us. So overall it’s a win/win.

Tonight’s menu: the number 59 – french fries.


Episode 45: The Thing About “Duh”

OK. Lots of material to cover here, so let’s get started….

  1. Eric Smith joined us tonight. It’s a first and is indicative of how we’re changing things up. If you are seriously ready to come join us sometime, it might happen. It gets a little crowded at the table, but it was nice to have Mr Smith along.
  2. The BLT is SOOO good. It’s possibly the best thing on the Cinco menu. The lettuce is fresh, the tomatoes are usually pretty good, and the bacon is just the right amount and perfectly crispy.  It’s a simple sandwich. A 5 sombrero simple sandwich.
  3. DOYYY (or DUH) is a simple word but when said correctly can be SUPER infuriating to people. I have to admit, my DUH to Dave was pretty obnoxious. I don’t usually enjoy being obnoxious, but I was kind of proud of that one. I’d kind of like to have a contest where viewers submit their own DOYYY (or DUH) to someone and we judge and reward the most obnoxious one. Anybody have any interest? Message us if you’re interested. In the meantime, I’m gonna go grab myself a BLT.

Tonight’s menu: the number 45 – B.L.T. sandwich.

Episode 22: New Friends

We have eaten at Cinco several times now, and I must say that one of the best things about this project is the people we meet along the way. A 24-hour Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles will bring out every type of person during the late hours of the day. I love seeing all the many freaks, cops, super hot chicks, bums, doctors, families, average Joes, and stoners getting their munchies on.

It is great, and the atmosphere is what makes this place! A major shout out to all who appear in this video, and we hope you tune in for more. I will try to keep the dirty talk down to a minimum, but I cant make any promises.

p.s. Remember to enter our contest, so you can see yourself in an episode of 88 Nights. Your mother will be so proud.

Tonight’s menu: the number 22 – red chile burrito (meat and beans).