Episode 86: Devin’s Replacement

Sometimes a TV character or actor has to be replaced. This happens even on the most popular shows. Charlie Sheen was replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Winning! Going back a little further, B. J. Hunnicutt replaced Trapper John McIntyre as Hawkeye Pierce’s bestie on M*A*S*H. Going back even further, Dick Sargent replaced Dick York as Darrin on Bewitched, and nobody even noticed!

Tonight we replace Devin. It only took us 86 episodes to realize he was dead weight. Better late than never, I suppose.

Tonight’s menu: the number 86 – chili cheese fries.

Episode76: Smashed

Sometimes we fight, and when we do it is usually about really stupid stuff. In fact, Dave and I have a history of getting in very brief, very funny fights over very stupid things. Fortunately, it always blows over pretty quickly.

Dave never did come back to eat his burrito, though. So don’t even waste your time asking him how the carnitas burrito tastes. Fact is he doesn’t know. What he can tell you, however, is that the strawberry “Mexican ice cream” bar from 7-eleven is a solid four hats.

Tonight’s menu: the number 76 – burrito de carnitas (or optional strawberry Mexican ice cream bar).