Our Mission

Four of us (Chaz, Dave, Devin, and Todd) are eating our way through the 88 item menu at Cinco de Mayo one night at a time. And we are filming it. And then we are editing each night down into a tasty, bite-size morsel so that each of you can live through us by experiencing the best moments of the evening. Or at least some very good ones.

The project started in June 2011. Dave, Devin, and Chaz were sitting around late one night chatting when Todd got home from a wedding. Devin had been describing Cinco de Mayo’s chicken torta, a sandwich so delicious that he had eaten one on each of the four previous days and was craving another.  So we all piled in the car and immediately left for Cinco de Mayo. At 1 AM.

While the four of us were eating four chicken tortas, we started talking about all the different things Cinco de Mayo had and which ones we had all tried or not tried. Which ones were good (most of them) and which ones weren’t (a few). Somehow the idea came up that the four of us should go to Cinco de Mayo for 88 consecutive nights and eat our way through the whole menu. A few weeks later, we all got together at midnight and ate item one, and the project was officially born.

  • Melissa Parker

    Good stuff here – some funny, some delicious. PS Chaz, how is it I haven’t seen you since Laurel’s wedding?!