Episode 78: Octopus Magic

Campechana is icy cold seafood soup. The variety they serve at Cinco has some abalone, some shrimp, a little onion and avocado, and octopus! Despite the fact that it tasted pretty alright, I still had a bit of a hard time eating it. I’ve come up with a few theories about why.

  1. I have tremendous respect for octopuses. They are actually very intelligent creatures who are capable of disguises and trickery, and when they are kept as pets they recognize their owners and will often swim to the glass to greet them. Maybe I felt bad eating an oceanic friend?
  2. I like soup, but I want it to be warm and comforting. Campechana is cold. Maybe icy cold seafood soup just isn’t for me?
  3. Or it could be the episode of CSI: NY I saw where a party guest was killed when an improperly prepared baby octopus on a stick (a food item) came unwrapped while being eaten, attached its suction cups to the person’s throat, and asphyxiated them.

Tonight’s menu: the number 78 – campechana.

Episode 77: Guacamole

This episode is pretty straightforward. We went to Cinco, ordered the number 77, and proceeded to stuff ourselves with three avocados worth of guacamole each. Seriously, they give you tons of guacamole (and probably not enough chips).

You will want to add some salt, but other than that the guacamole is really tasty. Just plan on sharing an order. Nobody really needs that much guacamole in one sitting. Nobody.

Tonight’s menu: the number 77 – guacamole w/ corn chips.

Episode76: Smashed

Sometimes we fight, and when we do it is usually about really stupid stuff. In fact, Dave and I have a history of getting in very brief, very funny fights over very stupid things. Fortunately, it always blows over pretty quickly.

Dave never did come back to eat his burrito, though. So don’t even waste your time asking him how the carnitas burrito tastes. Fact is he doesn’t know. What he can tell you, however, is that the strawberry “Mexican ice cream” bar from 7-eleven is a solid four hats.

Tonight’s menu: the number 76 – burrito de carnitas (or optional strawberry Mexican ice cream bar).

Episode 75: Dad

Forget Devin’s daddy issues for a second, and let’s talk about dancing. Let’s talk about paying girls to dance with you.

Back in the olden days of the Roaring Twenties, a fella could go to a local dance hall and buy tickets to dance with a “dime-a-dance-girl” or taxi dancer, as they were also called. Nowadays, these establishments are called hostess clubs. They are particularly popular in Japan, but L.A. also has a thriving scene of mostly Latin dance clubs, which are what Devin was talking about.

If you read between the lines on some of the reviews of LA’s hostess clubs, however, dancing may not be the only thing being paid for. So, next time you are looking for something to do on a Saturday night in LA, find the nearest hostess club, grab your dancing shoes, and go have some fun. Just not too much fun.

Tonight’s menu: the number 75 – burrito carne asada.

Episode 74: The Coffin

A few years ago, we built a half pipe in the backyard of the house Devin and I were renting with our friend Brett just down the road from Cinco de Mayo. Our friend and talented furniture maker Jared helped us build it, and it was glorious. We called it the Ramp of the Lord.

Somehow our landlady found out about it and threatened to evict us if we didn’t get rid of it. The demolition work was so hard that some of the day laborers we had hired to help us quit. We filled up several dumpsters with the scraps. To this day we all get a little misty eyed when we talk about it, but maybe it was for the best. Had the Ramp of the Lord been allowed to stand, I have no doubt that Todd would have killed himself there trying to do the coffin.

Tonight’s menu: the number 74 – taco carne asada.