Episode 71: There’s Been Times…

I don’t really like super spicy foods. In fact, you will notice that I am the only one of us who hasn’t done some version of the hot pepper challenge, and I don’t intend to. But I have heard of a pizza place called Lucifer’s that has something called Pizza Roulette, and I think we are going to get a group together and play.

In Pizza Roulette, one slice of an otherwise perfectly normal pizza pie is replaced by a slice made with super hot ghost pepper sauce. I’ll call it the “devil’s slice”. The devil’s slice looks just like all the rest. Whoever chooses it pays the price for his bad luck… with his soul. It would probably kill me on the spot. And even if it didn’t, as we talk about in this episode, there’s a pretty good chance it would kill me the next morning.

Tonight’s menu: the number 71 – carnitas.