Episode 70: El Toddo’s

Todd “hates” the food at Cinco de Mayo. We know because he tells us in almost every episode. Todd is also a super picky eater as Dave chronicled for us way way back. Have you ever wondered, then, what a restaurant run by Todd would be like? Well, wonder no further. Watch as Todd reveals not only the entire menu at El Toddo’s but also his super secret marketing plans. “Come to El Toddo’s” with us now.

Tonight’s menu: the number 70 – grill ham & cheese.

Episode 68: What Cinco Does Best

This whole project started with a conversation about which of the items on Cinco’s menu were good and which were bad. It only took us 68 nights to find the real answer: the water. The cold, crisp, refreshing water.

So with that in mind, here are three keys to a successful meal at Cinco de Mayo:

  1. Order from the first 10 menu items. They are consistently tasty.
  2. Choose the chicken. Cinco has great chicken, but terrible beef. The pork is somewhere in between.
  3. Get some water. Sure, you can get a Jarritos as well if you like. But don’t cheat yourself out of the deliciousness that is the water.

Tonight’s menu: the number 68 – burrito, red or green chile.