Episode 67: Meet Tristan

Once upon a time we held a contest. If you liked us on Facebook you were entered in the drawing, and if we drew your name from the hat you would win the opportunity to eat with us. “The Contest”, as it came to be known, was one of the first ideas we came up with to help popularize 88 Nights. People liked us. We held the drawing. Tristan Loughlin won. That was on Halloween 2011.

Fast forward many months later, and we finally worked out the logistics of having Tristan eat with us. There were only a couple of problems. In the time since Tristan won, we had already been joined by guests Eric, Stefanie, and Keith (twice). Also, Tristan showed up on the night we had to eat burrito chicharron which was fatty and foul. It really makes you wonder what he really won. In fact, the only clear winner is Cinco de Mayo who sold five disgusting burritos instead of just four.

Tonight’s menu: the number 67 – burrito chicharron.

Episode 66: It Might Be Illegal

Look. We love the staff at Cinco de Mayo. The cooks in the back, the people in front. They’re great. And we love that they’re open 24 hours a day. I can fully tell people they should experience this place. But sometimes the food is bad. The chicharron tacos are one of those times.

Chicharron is usually fried pork skin. I remember when I was a kid in Arizona, we would stop by 7-Eleven on our way home from Middle school. We would get slurpees, Bazooka, saladitos (salted dates), and chicharron (fried pig skin).

THOSE bags of chicharron were delicious, like a mix between rice cakes and bacon. But this pork skin was not fried at all. It was slimy, nasty pork fat. I don’t have much else to say about this night. Sometimes the food is so bad you just eat it, complain, and go home. No Randy’s donuts afterwards, no funny stories, no scrumptious memories. Just some nasty, boiled pig fat sitting in your stomach.

Tonight’s menu: the number 66 – taco chicharron.

Episode 65: Todd’s Premonition

This episode has been cut down and edited for your benefit. In real time, we waited for about 30 minutes for someone to walk through the door. It’s funny how that kind of waiting really kills the conversation. Just watching the door and waiting and talking about waiting. Really boring. But at least Todd is engaged, so I guess it was all worth it.

Tonight’s menu: the number 65 – pupusa.


Episode 64: The Wrong Juice

Every once in a while we get really excited about an upcoming menu item, and this was one of those nights: juice. Fresh squeezed juice!

The only problem was that it was an absolutely terrible night weather wise. It was cold and windy. The juice was room temperature, so it needed ice. But ice cold juice on a cold night makes your colder. What a quandary! Still, in spite of the weather the juice was delicious. Except the celery juice. The celery juice was not good.

Tonight’s menu: the number 64 – juice, orange or carrot (or celery).