Episode 63: Evil Kid

Is Devin easily terrified, or were we really in the presence of an evil kid? Child labor laws prevented us from showing the “child” in question, so you don’t get to form your own opinion. But I will offer the following spoiler: to date, neither the evil kid nor anyone else has killed any of the Cinco Four.

Tonight’s menu: the number 63 – sope.

Episode 62: We Wasted Your Time!

I don’t think it’s giving away too many family secrets to say that Devin is a dreamer. Literally, he has had dreams in which he speaks to a man named Jesus (the alleged owner of Cinco de Mayo, not this Jesus or this Jesus) about giving us discounts for our little project. But it’s just a dream.

Devin has had many dreams and schemes for making 88 Nights great(er), but most have died on the vine. So imagine our surprise when our new friend Renée revealed that she was brought to Cinco by a Yelp review left by none other than Devin (or dee c. as he is known in the Yelp world). Well done, Devin Colvin maker of dreams.

Also, big thanks to Renée who took a couple of pictures to help us fill in the gaps in our food photo collection.

Tonight’s menu: the number 62 – taco de pescado.

Episode 61: Big Mac Smokin’ Crack

What a study in contrasts! On the one hand we have Arturo, who simply wanted to send his brother Pui a video shoutout. Hola, Pui! On the other hand we have Todd, who is disgusted and thinks the fish burrito tastes pooey.

Tonight’s menu: the number 61 – burrito de pescado.