Episode 59: Questions With Stefanie

French fries. That’s all. Just fries.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes the fries are good here, and sometimes they’re not quite as good. Some nights you get crinkle fries, sometimes fatter fries, sometimes traditional fries.  Cinco de Mayo is not big on tradition or keeping anything the same. And these fries are… OK. Much better with something else than just a big plate of them, for sure.

You might also notice our first female guest, Stefanie. We peppered her (no pun intended, although pepper in ketchup is GREAT with fries) with a bunch of questions because it was so different to have a female guest eating with us, and she was up for it. Makes for some good conversation, and she’s definitely more pleasant to look at than the four of us. So overall it’s a win/win.

Tonight’s menu: the number 59 – french fries.


Episode 58: They’re Hot Tonight (Keith: Part II)

Tonight’s blog entry comes to us by way of our very special friend Keith Paugh. What follows is his own unvarnished account of the night.

Whether I like it or not, I always get the pre-party jitters before such measurements and feats of capacity. I brought my milk jug in a mix of hope and fear that the chile would be a scorcher. You want the stakes to be high… You want to preform equal to the task… And you want it all to make for some good internet computervision.

Now that I have my hat, I can say that while super “burny,” at no point did I want to throw up, which is sort of a bummer. I would have thrown up for you, viewer. I would have thrown up where both cameras A & B could see clearly, and I would have made a show of it. I might have washed my mouth out with milk and then thrown that up, too, just to have a button to cut out on.

Instead I took that pepper out like Adam Richman, and now I rep my home team free and clear.

Thank you, Cinco. You didn’t make me puke.


Tonight’s menu: the number 58 – bacon egg sandwich.

Episode 57: A Cold Wind

This night was probably doomed from the start.

We started bickering about some dumb question about how many people use ATMs before we even got to Cinco. Then, the restaurant was packed, and we had to sit outside in the freezing wind while all the “fun” people were inside. And when we got our food, it turned out to be a weird sandwich. Any one of those things by itself would have been fairly minor, but when they all combined it was just more than our little crew could handle.

Tonight’s menu: the number 57 – ham & egg sandwich.