Episode 56: Naked Woman

Part of me thinks this episode is best without a blog entry even, but…

It struck me as pretty funny. Everyone is eating tacos and then is seemingly talking about a naked woman outside the restaurant very casually. As if it were something that happens not every night, perhaps, but every now and then. (If you listen carefully you’ll hear that Todd references a guy’s t-shirt before this conversation.)

For some reason I wasn’t very interested. And it’s not cause I’m “above that” by any means. I think my mind must have been somewhere else.

Apparently it was in some dark theater space off Broadway with Katharine McPhee, some British director guy and a bunch of chorus girls and boys rehearsing some song about Marilyn Monroe. I can’t say Smash, on NBC, is a good show or that you will like it, cause many people won’t. That being said, I have watched every episode and like some of the songs. And apparently it’s interesting enough to distract me from some dude’s naked lady t-shirt.

Tonight’s menu: the number 56 – chicken taco.

Episode 55: Ghost Face Chazzer

Todd raises an interesting question. If I were to be completely clean shaven, would anybody recognize me? I actually wonder about that fairly often, and sometimes I wonder if I would recognize myself. It has been a few years since I’ve seen my chin.

Since none of us can know for sure until I actually shave someday, I guess the next best thing is to watch this game show style video Dave made a few years ago. Play along at home, and let us know in the comments below how many you get right. The first highest point total wins, and I will personally buy the winner a meal at Cinco de Mayo.

Tonight’s menu: the number 55 – beef taco.

Episode 54: The Squeeze

This was easily the SECOND most offensive thing that was discussed tonight and therefore the only conversation suitable enough for the episode. I’m guessing out of the 100 people that watch us, 20 of them will never watch again. However, I also predict that we’ll pick up 20 new viewers drawn in by our new scatological direction. So, goodbye 20 cute girls and hello to the 20 homeless men and/or 12-year-old boys googling “poo squeeze” at the Apple store.

Please note: we neither endorse Todd’s actions nor encourage performing unsanitary acts for the purpose of gaining money. We also do not encourage you to get just a plate of rice at Cinco De Mayo. It tastes fine, but when are you going to eat just a place of rice? The same night you get just a plate of beans? Exactly.

Tonight’s menu: the number 54 – rice w/ special sauce.