Episode 53: They’re Watching Us

Hi, Louis! Hi, Maria! Hi, Gustavo!

That was a special shout out to our three favorite employees at Cinco De Mayo. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re watching these episodes. We are discussing and rating their work after all.

So, while I have your ear, Cinco Employees, allow me to speak directly to you:

Thank you for being friendly and hospitable and allowing us to intrude on your workplace with our cameras. And while we don’t like all of the food there, there are lots of things we will crave long after we’re done with this project.

We’re having fun doing this. We hope you are too. See you tonight!

Tonight’s menu: the number 53 – chile relleno.

Episode 52: DON’T SAY IT

Those of you who pay attention to every little detail of 88 Nights will find a seeming inconsistency in tonight’s episode. During the intro segment, Dave shows a green tamale on his plate and then a red tamale on the plate of the person to his right. I, Chaz, was the person on his right, and yet during the episode I am clearly shown eating a green tamale.


Not busted! I was extra hungry and went back for a second tamale. In fact, it is your anal-retentive quest to find flaws in tonight’s episode that has been busted!

Tonight’s menu: the number 52 – tamale beef, pork or chicken.

Episode 51: Hot Pepper Challenge: Part II

“Peppers are like people,” says Devin in this episode. I have zero idea what he is talking about, but it sounds wise enough that I feel like I should remember it. Maybe it will come in handy some day.

What I do know is that I personally do not like the burning sensation in my mouth and intestines when I eat something super spicy. The hot pepper challenge is not for me. Fortunately, there are people in this world like our friend Keith who handle “hot” peppers like a boss. Watch and enjoy.

p.s. For more hot pepper fun check out Episode 37 and Episode 44.

Tonight’s menu: the number 51 – enchilada cheese, beef or chicken.

Episode 50: D.U.C.E.

Bullet points:

  • I don’t know where Dave was for most of this episode. Any ideas?
  • My creed worked for a while, but then my mind sort of got used to it, and Discipline went out the window. Confidence comes and goes, and Excellence has only made occasional appearances lately. Tonight I recommit. No more half-assing it. Full ass from now on.
  • Chaz and Dave both have beards, in case you haven’t noticed. Not small little beards. Beards with some heft and serious presence! In this episode you can see that I am growing a bit of one, and let me tell you, I congratulate both of them because it’s harder than it looks. I always hit a wall where the itch factor drives me insane, and I give up. So how about this beard? Do I keep it? Tune in to the next episode and find out.

Tonight’s menu: the number 50 – two taquitos w/ avocado sauce.

Episode 49: Just Beans

So you may have noticed that we’re getting to a portion of the menu that features a la carte items; some would say “side items.” Tonight was just beans. I would never go to a restaurant and order a plate of beans. That’s me. Some people might. People who really like beans might.

We think Cinco De Mayo might benefit from organizing their menu a little better. Separating the meals from the sides and the a la carte items might make more sense than having 88 items. But what do I know? I’ve only been there 49 times. It might make sense by the 88th.

Also, I’ve lived with Todd for 4 years and I’ve never once seen him make refried beans. It doesn’t matter though because in the end I think he’s actually right about those beans; there wasn’t anything special about them. I don’t know why I got so mad. Beans get me worked up I guess.

Tonight’s menu: the number 49 – beans with cheese.