Episode 47: An Angry Face

This is our second “face” episode in a row, so here’s a quick recap of what we have learned so far:

  1. Devin’s face would lead you to believe he weighs at least 200 lbs.
  2. Dave’s face make him look angrier than he really is.

Perhaps Todd and I will have our faces distilled down to one defining feature in future episodes, but you can’t force these things. They just have to happen.

On a food note, the hot dog at Cinco is not good. I recommend you go get the $1.50 hot dog and drink combo at Costco instead. The ingredients are better; you control how much and what kind of condiments you apply; and it’s cheaper.

Tonight’s menu: the number 47 – hot dog.

Episode 46: A 200-lb Face

Tonight’s meal was free! Thanks, Todd, for saying something to Maria. She passed it on to Jesus (the manager) and got the ok to hook it up. The steak sandwich ended up being a good freebie since it’s one of the more expensive items at about $8.50.

Now, Devin does have what we in the scientific community call a “chipmunk face.” It’s ok though; that’s where he stores all his energy for the winter. And though we’ve had a mild winter in LA so far, I’m sure he’ll need all the energy he can muster to finish this project.

Also, a lot of people have asked me if any of us is putting on weight during this project since we eat at Cinco De Mayo all the time. We actually are not. We’re just eating dinner a couple of hours later 2-3 times a week. Like Devin said in the video, people who eat at Cinco De Mayo a lot are probably not going to be extremely overweight. We’re living proof.

Tonight’s menu: the number 46 – steak sandwich.

Episode 45: The Thing About “Duh”

OK. Lots of material to cover here, so let’s get started….

  1. Eric Smith joined us tonight. It’s a first and is indicative of how we’re changing things up. If you are seriously ready to come join us sometime, it might happen. It gets a little crowded at the table, but it was nice to have Mr Smith along.
  2. The BLT is SOOO good. It’s possibly the best thing on the Cinco menu. The lettuce is fresh, the tomatoes are usually pretty good, and the bacon is just the right amount and perfectly crispy.  It’s a simple sandwich. A 5 sombrero simple sandwich.
  3. DOYYY (or DUH) is a simple word but when said correctly can be SUPER infuriating to people. I have to admit, my DUH to Dave was pretty obnoxious. I don’t usually enjoy being obnoxious, but I was kind of proud of that one. I’d kind of like to have a contest where viewers submit their own DOYYY (or DUH) to someone and we judge and reward the most obnoxious one. Anybody have any interest? Message us if you’re interested. In the meantime, I’m gonna go grab myself a BLT.

Tonight’s menu: the number 45 – B.L.T. sandwich.

Episode 44: Hot Pepper Challenge

When Dave ate the hot pepper in Episode 37: Sweatin’ something changed in his brain forever, and tonight was the first glimpse of the new Dave. No longer content to keep his experiences to himself, New Dave wants so badly for others to follow in his footsteps that he is willing to spend money to make sure it happens. And as you see in the video, Devin and Todd are the first beneficiaries of New Dave’s generosity. If you ask nicely, maybe New Dave will make you, too, an offer you can’t refuse.

Only two other things are worth mentioning. Immediately after Todd started recovering from his hot pepper we regretted not trying to get him to throw up. For a while he was riding the line between puking and not-puking, and maybe if we had started pretending to puke or made gagging noises we could have pushed him over the edge. It’s one of life’s regrets, and we will never know.

The other thing is that there is no need to ever order the King Size Hamburger. It is just too much meat. You will be plenty satisfied with a normal size hamburger.

Tonight’s menu: the number 44 – king size hamburger.

Episode 43: Out on Top

There’s a lotta things about me you don’t know anything about, Dottie. Things you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand. Things you shouldn’t understand.

I don’t understand.

You don’t wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I’m a loner, Dottie, a rebel… So long, Dot…

Pee Wee Herman, a true ladies man.

Tonight’s menu: the number 43 – bacon avocado burger.