Episode 41: A Bad Bite

So I was exaggerating when I said Toddy only likes to eat five things (even in the video we got to six). There are actually 11. Here’s a list of the things Todd likes to eat. I’ve known Todd my entire life and I’ve never seen him eat and enjoy anything that’s not on this list.

  1. french fries
  2. onion rings
  3. hamburgers
  4. pizza (or just the ingredients)
  5. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  6. cereal
  7. candy bars
  8. chicken
  9. steak
  10. frozen chicken nuggets (different than chicken)
  11. Panda Express’ orange chicken (different than chicken and frozen chicken nuggets)

As far as the manure taste goes… wow. I think it’s in his mind. If he’s nervous about the quality of food I think his brain tricks him into thinking it tastes like manure. Once, when he was coming down with a cold, I offered him some Vitamin C pills that were past the expiration date. He refused them because he thought they would make him more sick.

Maybe I’m too liberal with my food consumption. I don’t know. Todd and I will probably never agree that Spicy Mustard is delicious. But it is.

Tonight’s menu: the number 41 – colosal burger (w/ pastrami).