Episode 42: Trouble in Paradise

Devin is right; this project is hard. It isn’t hard like lifting a heavy weight or beating Contra without using the cheat code. It’s hard in the same way it’s hard to stick to a new exercise program or diet. It’s just so damn long.

We started this project on a whim. It was an off-the-cuff almost joke idea that we began to run with. That was July. Six months later we are just about to hit the halfway mark, and we all have a much better idea of what we have gotten ourselves into.

The reality is that 88 Nights is a mixed bag of fun and frustration. There have been times when we were all excited and couldn’t wait for the next night to come; there have also been times when the project seemed to be demanding every spare moment and emotion it could squeeze out of us. Those moments are less fun.

There is no magic way to blend four sets of goals, four opinions about what makes a video good or bad, and four (increasingly busy) schedules. But as long as we keep finding a way to get together and eat that next meal the project keeps moving forward. For now, here’s to another meal eaten. 42 down; only 46 to go.

Tonight’s menu: the number 42 – hamburger.

Bonus Video: Sylvia the Cackling Fortune Teller

Dave edits our videos all by himself. In one of our early blog entries, he described how he tries make each video “represent what the night was about”. What he didn’t say was how much work it is. We are usually at Cinco de Mayo for an hour or so. That means Dave has to watch at least an hour of footage (sometimes more than once) looking for the fun little parts that might make a good video. You should all thank Dave.

Some nights we don’t give Dave much to work with. But on other nights there is way more going on than will fit in one short episode. Lucky for us, Dave rescued some footage from night 37 that had been left on the cutting room floor and made this little gem.

The setup for this video is simple. We had already finished eating and were a few minutes away from heading home when a homeless woman named Sylvia walked by. Dave invited her to touch my hair, and she ended up staying long enough to read Devin’s palm. She was a terrible fortune teller but had a great laugh. She also thought Devin was Todd’s dad. Enjoy.

Episode 41: A Bad Bite

So I was exaggerating when I said Toddy only likes to eat five things (even in the video we got to six). There are actually 11. Here’s a list of the things Todd likes to eat. I’ve known Todd my entire life and I’ve never seen him eat and enjoy anything that’s not on this list.

  1. french fries
  2. onion rings
  3. hamburgers
  4. pizza (or just the ingredients)
  5. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  6. cereal
  7. candy bars
  8. chicken
  9. steak
  10. frozen chicken nuggets (different than chicken)
  11. Panda Express’ orange chicken (different than chicken and frozen chicken nuggets)

As far as the manure taste goes… wow. I think it’s in his mind. If he’s nervous about the quality of food I think his brain tricks him into thinking it tastes like manure. Once, when he was coming down with a cold, I offered him some Vitamin C pills that were past the expiration date. He refused them because he thought they would make him more sick.

Maybe I’m too liberal with my food consumption. I don’t know. Todd and I will probably never agree that Spicy Mustard is delicious. But it is.

Tonight’s menu: the number 41 – colosal burger (w/ pastrami).

Episode 40: Fishburger (Silent Movie)

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, even if that picture is old-timey.

Lately, we’ve taken to eating donuts after some meals. This is where we’ve found the best donuts in the neighborhood at midnight. Come join us some night if you’re up for some deep fried batter in the shape of a circle.

Tonight’s menu: the number 40 – fish burger.

Episode 39: Getting Along Better

Devin and I aren’t usually on the same side of an issue (or the table), but on this night we were. Sometimes it’s more fun to agree, and Devin and I had fun agreeing and finishing each other’s sentences. Sure, we were annoying. But we were annoying together, and that’s what’s important here. Togetherness.

It kind of reminded me of Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig as Garth and Kat on SNL.

Tonight’s menu: the number 39 – tacos de carnitas.