The “Making Dreams Come True” Contest

Do you like free Mexican food? Do you enjoy watching episodes of 88 Nights and wonder what happens that DOESN’T make it into the short edited episodes? Then you should enter this contest to win a free meal with us.

There are three ways to enter:
  1. like us on facebook,
  2. follow @88cinco on twitter, or
  3. tweet about us to all of your followers using the hashtag #88nights, like so.

You can enter once, twice, or three times a lady, depending on how high you want your chances to be and how much time you have. The more people you send it out to and get watching, the better.

We were going to have our lawyer write up a big legal agreement, but he was too busy overbilling his other clients to talk to us (just kidding, all you attorneys out there). So, here are all the legal details.

  1. If you follow the instructions, you’ll be entered. If you’d already followed instructions before there was even a contest, you’re already entered.
  2. The drawing really will be random.
  3. Airfare, gas money, busfare… none of that stuff is included. You have to get here on your own. If we had t-shirts, we’d give you one, but we don’t so….
  4. You don’t get to choose your meal. We will try to work with you to pick a night that works for you (even out of staters), but you don’t get to know what the meal is. You’ll just eat what the rest of us are eating. (You may also drink a Jarritos if you want.)
  5. If your mind is blown because the meal is so delicious, we are not responsible. We are also not responsible if it gives you the squirts.
  6. Last, but not least, we cannot even guarantee a fun time. The 5 of us may just sit around, eat the meal, and quietly leave, bored out of our minds. We’re pretty sure it will be fun, but no guarantees can be made.

OK. That’s it. Now go tell everyone about!!!!