Episode 25: One Thing We’ve Got

It’s my turn to write the blog posting, so I get to share my opinions on whatever I want. Tonight I am going to talk about new television shows. You know what? Heck with that! I’m going to talk about shows old AND new. These are my opinions and not necessarily those of the 88 Nights crew (especially Dave “The Contrarian” Thompson).

  • New Girl (Fox) – Zooey is cute but annoying, and it is not too well written. Skip it.
  • American Horror Story (FX) – Creepy and not for the timid or squeamish, but fascinatingly creepy.
  • The League (FX) – Fantasy football might be the death of me. This show captures the stupidity of feeling that FF is so important, and it makes everyone laugh whether you play or not.
  • The Walking Dead (AMC) – It was cool last season, and there’s been a good episode or two this year, but it is moving about as fast as a zombie (and not the Danny Boyle kind).
  • Community (NBC) – If you think 30 Rock is the best show on Thursdays, you must not be watching the whole slate of NBC shows. Community is #1, Parks and Rec is #2, The Office is #3, and then at #4 is the hit ‘n’ miss 30 Rock. Annie’s Boobs is a monkey and something impressive as well.
  • Terra Nova (Fox) – I think I saw the whole thing before except it was called Jurassic Park and it was good.
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC) – Maybe it’s too ‘chicky’ for some, but I really liked the first episode and the concept. Disney for grown ups. We’ll see how it turns out.
  • Happy Endings (ABC) – Nothing amazing, but you’ll laugh. Nice light show after the amazing Modern Family.
  • Dexter (Showtime) – If you watch, you know. The guy is always mesmerizing
  • How to Make it in America (HBO) – Not for the kiddies or R-rated averse, but well written and man, it makes me motivated to accomplish stuff and make it HAPPEN.  And to move back to NYC.

Oh, and Dave and I are back as buddies again. All is cool in Cinco land (except for the red chile – still super NOT cool).

Tonight’s menu: the number 25 – green chile burrito all meat.

Episode 24: Spencer’s Gifts

If you’ve never been inside a Spencer’s Gifts before, this episode will give you an idea of what you’re missing. While we openly slander the store, I’ll be the first to go on record and say that it’s hard walking by a Spencer’s store in the mall and not go in. You may try to resist, but before you know it you’re in there with the rest of the suckers looking at XXXL Tshirts with Elmo’s face on it, thinking, “I need this.” Maybe you like walking by the naughty gift section trying not to appear like you’re checking out the “365 Positions” book. We know what you’re up to…. You’re not fooling anyone.

I guess Spencer’s fills the need for us to walk around feeling like superior consumers who don’t fall for all the low brow merchandise traps. Typical shopper experience: “Haha, look at this blow up doll nurse, what a waste of money! Besides, who has the time for that nonsense when there’s a Boondock Saints movie jigsaw puzzle to work on!”

NOTE: For the protection of our younger viewer we didn’t provide any links to items in Spencer’s “naughty” category. If such things interest you, just go to their website and type your query into the search box. You’ll find it in the upper right corner labelled “wut r u lkn 4?”.

Tonight’s menu: the number 24 – green chile burrito (meat and beans).

A Brief Reminder About the Contest

With our contest deadline looming just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to issue a reminder. Mostly, we just want you to enter if you haven’t already, but there are a few other things worth mentioning. They are covered in the video, but here is a recap.

  1. Enter by following us on twitter, tweeting about us, or liking us on facebook.
  2. When you like us on facebook, make sure you are clicking the like button at the top of our page. The video has a nice graphic highlighting the right button. Otherwise, we are unable to track your entry.
  3. The entry deadline is officially October 31, 2011, and we will probably do the drawing sometime after midnight. If you are entered before midnight you are good to go. If you enter after midnight… you still might be good to go.
So don’t delay. Act now. Supplies are running out. Happy Halloween, and good luck.

Episode 23: Blaming the Table

Everyone gets cranky now and then. It’s a simple fact of life. Sometimes there’s a reason, and sometimes there’s not. Devin was cranky tonight. Maybe it was nothing more than a random bad mood passing through like a summer storm (in the Midwest; definitely not in LA). Or maybe there was more to it.

See, I noticed a pattern. Every time Devin sat down at the table, whether to chat or wait or eat, he was in a bad mood. Every time he was away from the table, whether to order or get napkins or whatever, he was laughing and joking and generally having a gay old time.

So I say blame it on the table. After all, gotta blame it something….

Tonight’s menu: the number 23 – red chile burrito all meat (with egg optional).

Episode 22: New Friends

We have eaten at Cinco several times now, and I must say that one of the best things about this project is the people we meet along the way. A 24-hour Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles will bring out every type of person during the late hours of the day. I love seeing all the many freaks, cops, super hot chicks, bums, doctors, families, average Joes, and stoners getting their munchies on.

It is great, and the atmosphere is what makes this place! A major shout out to all who appear in this video, and we hope you tune in for more. I will try to keep the dirty talk down to a minimum, but I cant make any promises.

p.s. Remember to enter our contest, so you can see yourself in an episode of 88 Nights. Your mother will be so proud.

Tonight’s menu: the number 22 – red chile burrito (meat and beans).