Tic-tac-toe, three in a row

I just got back from Cinco de Mayo and thought I should throw up a quick post.  Solo trip this time.  Just me and a chicken torta.

But last week we shot the videos for menu items 2 through 4 and did so on three consecutive nights.  This was the first time we had been to Cinco de Mayo together since filming episode 1; this was the first time we had shot on back-to-back (to back) nights; and this was the first time we got a glimpse of what the project might actually be like.  So far, so good.

The video edits that Dave has put together for the first two nights are pretty great (to us, at least), and we are starting to work the kinks out of our production workflow and figure out how to avoid the major pitfalls.  I think Dave will be posting more about that later.

Anyhow, for now things are moving along.  We hope to start posting the videos relatively soon, so check back often to see what we are up to.