Episode 3: Making Dreams Come True

Night 3. Kind of getting in the swing of things.

We noticed everyone was wearing a band t-shirt tonight (T. Rex – Devin, Soundgarden – Todd, the Rentals – Chaz) except for Dave, cause he was “Independent”, just like his t-shirt.  We all seem to like music a lot. It still sort of fascinates me when I meet people who just don’t care about music or listen to whatever is on the radio. Not that they’re inferior or anything, but man, I think I’ll still be listening to music and looking for new stuff when I’m 80 years old.

As for the dreams coming true, would any of you viewers be interested in a contest where you could win a free Cinco de Mayo meal? Drop some comments and let us know and maybe we’ll work up some sort of contest. The only catch is that you would have to eat it with the 4 cincodemayo guys late at night and hang with us the whole meal. But still… free food!!*

Tonight’s menu: the number 3 – enchilada, chile relleno, rice, beans & salad.

*This is just another one of Devin’s many hypothetical questions and is merely exploratory. It neither constitutes the announcement of a contest, real or implied, nor the promise of free food. But let it never be said that Devin Colvin is not a dreamer.

Episode 2: Statue Penis

We ate the number 2 tonight. 2 enchiladas. 2 much fun. HAHA!

It’s early on, but we think the enchiladas might give the chicken torta (not on the 88 item menu) a run for the best item at Cinco. Mix all that rice and beans in with the enchilada sauce, and you’ve got a great tasting meal.

It’s funny how a conversation evolves and can turn strange so quickly. Granted, if we talk about something long enough Todd will work penises into the conversation. Tonight was no different. Our discussion began with something harmless, i.e., Devin’s love for Ludo’s fried chicken, and then moved to photos, to naked photos, to penises, and (naturally) to statue penises. Finally, it moved to Devin dreaming of statue penises. Keep the dream alive, Devin!

Tonight’s menu: the number 2 – two enchiladas, rice, beans & salad.

Episode 1: Let’s Have a Cheers

Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally posting the first of our 88 videos! Night one features the crispy taco, the delicious cheesiness of the enchilada, and the (apparently) hard to pronounce chile relleno. But enough about the food.

Since this marks our first episode I think a little more info is in order. Four of us (Chaz, Dave, Devin, and Todd) are eating our way through the 88 item menu at Cinco de Mayo one night at a time. And we are filming it. And then we are editing each night down into a tasty bite size morsel so that each of you can live through us by experiencing the best moments of the evening. Or at least some very good ones.

Truth be told, in the month or so that has passed since we started this project, I have forgotten most of what happens on each of the nights. Maybe nothing happens, and you will be bored. Maybe you will laugh; maybe you will cry. Maybe you will find yourself inexplicably craving beans and rice some strange midnight. We are likely to blame for all of the above.

What I do know is that we are excited to finally share the first episode with you. So check back a few times a week for the latest episodes, and fall in love with us. Then tell all your friends, so they can fall in love with us too.

Let’s have a cheers, indeed!

Tonight’s menu: the number 1 – enchilada, chile relleno, taco, rice, beans & salad.

Tic-tac-toe, three in a row

I just got back from Cinco de Mayo and thought I should throw up a quick post.  Solo trip this time.  Just me and a chicken torta.

But last week we shot the videos for menu items 2 through 4 and did so on three consecutive nights.  This was the first time we had been to Cinco de Mayo together since filming episode 1; this was the first time we had shot on back-to-back (to back) nights; and this was the first time we got a glimpse of what the project might actually be like.  So far, so good.

The video edits that Dave has put together for the first two nights are pretty great (to us, at least), and we are starting to work the kinks out of our production workflow and figure out how to avoid the major pitfalls.  I think Dave will be posting more about that later.

Anyhow, for now things are moving along.  We hope to start posting the videos relatively soon, so check back often to see what we are up to.