Hola mundo!

Tonight we started a new project.  The goal: film ourselves eating our way through all 88 items on the big menu at Cinco de Mayo, a 24-hour mexican restaurant near our houses, and post the resulting videos on YouTube for the world to admire.

Actually, the project started a few weeks ago.  Dave, Devin, and I were sitting around chatting and generally licking our wounds after the 4-2 beat down of Team USA by Mexico in the Gold Cup final.  Todd had been at a wedding and got home just as Devin was telling us about Cinco de Mayo’s chicken torta, a sandwich so delicious that he had eaten one on each of the four previous days and was craving another.  So we all piled in the car and immediately left for Cinco de Mayo.  At 1 AM.

While the four of us were eating four chicken tortas, we started talking about all the different things Cinco de Mayo had and which ones we had all tried or not tried.  Which ones were good (most of them) and which ones weren’t (a few).  Somehow the idea came up that the four of us should go to Cinco de Mayo for 88 consecutive nights and eat our way through the whole menu, and after joking and talking about it for the past few weeks, tonight we all got together at midnight and ate item one.

We really have no idea what this will turn out to be.  It might be funny, or it might not.  We might all get fat from eating heavy food late at night.  It won’t happen on 88 straight nights like we first talked about, but hopefully we can do it a few nights a week without running out of steam.  At the very least it’ll be a great excuse to get together and eat good food and laugh and hang out more often than we would otherwise get to.  And, of course, post the videos on YouTube and blog about it here.

So watch our videos, keep reading this blog, and if you are anywhere near Culver City late at night see if you can catch us at Cinco de Mayo.  You really should try the chicken torta.  In Todd’s words, “this sandwich is pretty ******* delicious.”